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Diamond Future Layer

What is Diamond Future Layer

We encourage you to buy and use our products. We are so sure of the quality and value-for-money of these products. We encourage you to sell our products once you yourself are completely satisfied with them. In addition to financial benefits, you’ll also gain peer recognition, pride in having helped others get a better lifestyle, more free time to yourself, the joy of working with friends and family and, of course, the freedom of being your own boss and running your own business.

1.Registration Process:

Please follow the below steps to become Independent Business Associate (IBA):

  • 1.Logon to the website www.Diamond Future Layer Pvt.Ltd

  • 2.Click on the Register

  • 3. Fill up the online registration form and submit it

  • 4.You will be shown a Welcome Message along with a unique Smart ID

  • 5.Click on Submit button

2.Smart ID:

A Smart ID is unique six/seven digit number which will be allotted to every member who registers on the website as an Associate. Please use this ID for all the communications with Diamond Future Layer.

3.Mode of Payment:

Associates should upload the following documents to get the IBA membership activated and use smart payment method. Mandate documents for products purchased are:

  • 1.Photo ID Proof (Self Attested)

  • 2.Address Proof (Self Attested)

  • 3. One Passport size photograph.

  • 4.Age Proof- Should be minimum 18 years old.